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Our switch from traditional Email Marketing tools to Flodesk!

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Every serious business owner knows that email marketing is the best strategy for confirmed evergreen leads, no matter which business industry you may be in. Emails you send are an extension/reflection of your brand to your current and future prospects and customers.

However knowing the facts around effectiveness and significance of email marketing was just the tip of the iceberg! When we were starting out, it literally took months of trial and error to arrive at a winner for our business.

Here are some of our learnings so that you don’t have to feel the same pain we did! 

Top criteria that you need to look out for in an email marketing provider are,

  • User interface, check whether the platform is intuitive aka user friendly to navigate. You shouldn’t struggle or invest countless hours trying to figure out the how-to’s of the platform technological aspects.
  • Low bounce and high deliverability, the emails that you send out must not only be compliant to regulations but also reach the intended mailboxes!
  • Segmentation, since you can’t very well send one generic email to everyone on your list, you need to be able to create and send out targeted email sequences to buckets/segments of subscribers so that you can nuture and build long lasting relationships.
  • Automation, a well known key to business success is the level of automation you can achieve! Creating a workflow or drip sequence that sends out emails based on varying triggers can save you precious time.
  • Elegant templates, done-for-you designer templates that align with your brand value for landing pages, embed forms and pop-up forms, is in our perspective one of the topmost aspects for any solution you choose. Many platforms fail at this, they focus so much on the technical aspects that they don’t realise that elegant aesthetic designs are what cause people to want to click through the content in the first place! If a design is ugly, hideous or simply plain-Jane, no one will bother to even glance at it despite the invaluable content.
  • Analytics, industry leaders will tell you that analytics is what helps them save bucket-loads of cashflow, the ability of analyse what’s working and what’s not is a major key to optimisation, marketing budgets and consequently your ability to increase your customer reach and engagement.
  • Mobile optimisation, perhaps we will cover this in another article but the fact is unless your designs — be it website, emails, courses, marketing collaterals etc. are mobile friendly, you will loose out on potential business leads.
  • Cost, everyone in business knows that whatever solution you opt for, it needs to be sustainable in order to achieve long-term success.
  • Integration capabilities with other tools, apps and platforms. Businesses today have no option but to rely on various subject-matter expert tools and apps to function efficiently, an email platform that doesn’t seamlessly integrate with other tools most definitely hurts your business.

While we don’t want to dive in to the details of one platform vs the other in this article (you will find several of these in your research anyways). We want to share the platform that we believe is clear winner despite currently being in Beta mode! 

It’s Flodesk

Having used several email marketing platforms for ourselves and being dissatisfied with every one of them at one point or the other, we finally met our dream platform for email marketing when we discovered Flodesk!

Despite being a fairly new platform having quite a few new features being under development, it successfully ticks all the ‘must-have’ boxes right-away for an ideal email marketing platform including the pricing model!. While every other platform increases their charge as subscriber list increases — Flodesk is the only platform that doesn’t ‘penalise’ you for your ever-increasing subscriber list. It has a flat price unlike all others – Yes, you heard it correctly, your investment remains constant despite your business growth thereby allowing you to strategically help funnel your cashflow to other areas of your business.

With its intuitive, clean and simple interface, drag and drop designer templates with the alignment capability to your customised personal brand, technological features, pricing model, customer support and highly responsive user-community, Flodesk has definitely proven to be the ideal solution for us and many other renowned businesses.

Flodesk has along side their native integrations through easy-to-use embed codes on well known platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, ShowIt, etc. has also recently launched their integration with Zapier! This allows you to create “zap” automations that connect it with some of your favourite tools, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Click funnels and many more.

It’s an excellent choice for all personal brands, small and medium sized businesses especially for Photographers, Coaches, Authors, Copy-writers, Creative businesses, eCommerce Stores, Social media influencers, Wedding planners and… to be honest, entrepreneurs across every industry!

Take our word for it. Try it out for the free trial period of 30 days (you don’t need to insert your credit card details to sign up) and you will fall in love with it, just like we did. While the regular price for Flodesk is 38 US$ per month however for a limited time, you can avail a 50% discount and pay 19 US$ per month for life! — use this Flodesk signup link and get an instant lock for your life-time pricing which kicks-in once the trial period ends.

Write to us and let us know, of your experience with Flodesk once you’ve tried it out for yourself. Enjoy!


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